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Academy of Neurosurgical Physicians is a leading neurosurgery practice serving the community of Hollywood, Florida, and all of South Florida. With a team of highly experienced physicians specializing in brain and spine disorders, board-certified and fellow-ship-trained neurosurgeon Anthony Hall, MD, CM, FACS, FAANS, performs a wide range of neurological procedures.

As complex structures, the brain and spine demand a high level of precision and expertise during surgery. Academy of Neurosurgical Physicians takes pride in investing in trained talent and advanced technology, such as minimally invasive SI joint fusion surgery and the DTRAX® Spinal System to provide the most comprehensive neurological care possible.

The practice focuses on minimally invasive surgery and procedures to reduce complications and deliver the best outcomes. Endoscopic surgery, which only requires small incisions, often results in less pain, bleeding, scarring, and shorter recovery times than traditional open surgery.

Whether patients seek treatment for brain metastasis, spine tumors, disc herniations, or lower back pain, the team at Academy of Neurosurgical Physicians can perform the appropriate tests to help reduce pain and restore function and mobility.

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Dr. Anthony J. Hall, is a Board-Certified Neurological surgeon who has been practicing medicine for over 25 years and entered into private practice in Southeast Florida in 1995. He is committed to providing the most technically advanced and compassionate care to his patients. Dr. Hall focuses his treatment on general brain and spine related conditions and injuries.


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